Bi-Weekly Service Package *only for previous service customers* ($75)

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Though maintaining a Cowboy Pool is easier to manage than a traditional pool, there is still much that needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure your swimming environment is clean and safe, and to keep your equipment running smoothly. We now offer an optional maintenance package to service your Cowboy Pool every two weeks by our on-staff Certified Pool Operator, so you don’t have to. Each visit includes the following services:

  • Thorough pool cleaning: skim pool water, brush, and vacuum pool floor

  • Chemical balance check

  • Backwash the filter

  • Empty the pump pot / basket

  • Equipment inspection & repair diagnoses (as needed)

  • Add chemicals as needed

  • Add water as needed

The monthly fee also includes On-Call Repairs, which will be provided after the initial 21 day warranty. This would cover small repair issues including:

  • Leaks from adaptors, hoses, pump pot, multi port, etc.

Larger diagnosed repairs may be completed with an additional fee to cover any additional supplies needed, time, gas, etc.

  • Any issues with filter/pump malfunction or stock tank malfunction can be taken up with their respective warranties.


Bi-weekly Service Price: $65.00 per month



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