• Make sure to review our safety & warning information prior to entering a Cowboy Pool.
  • Go easy on the chlorine to help your tank last for a long time. DO NOT put your chlorine tablets directly in the pool! Place them in a chlorine floater and keep it at the lowest setting (or all the way closed). See all maintenance tips in FAQs.
  • Shade is important to keep your pool cool and keep your shoulders from burning. Try one of the umbrellas listed in our recommended products!
  • Give your Cowboy Pool an environment that brings you joy. Set the scene and make yourself comfortable. Pick your vibe and go for it. Maybe hang some lights, grab a neck pillow, a cold drink, plant some plants, play some tunes. Make your space delightful. Cowboy Pools pair perfectly with a backyard oasis.
  • Cover your Cowboy Pool to keep out the leaves & debris. Cowboy Pool Covers coming soon!
  • Don't pee in your Cowboy Pool. Just don't. Studies suggest that urine can combine with the chlorine in swimming pool water to make potentially harmful chemicals. Find a tree (or a toilet). 
  • Keep the water flowin'. A good rule of thumb is to tune your timer to 1-2 hours on, 1-2 hours off during the day and off at night. The pump provides plenty of circulation for your Cowboy Pool which also keeps the temperature of the water lower.
  • Don't paint the inside of your Cowboy Pool. I know it's tempting, but we have not come across any paint that will adhere to the inside of our pools. It will eventually flake off and that isn’t fun to have in your pool. If you’re willing to take the risk to provide extra protection to the inside of your pool, you can try a marine-grade outdoor paint. But be prepared to make touch-ups or re-paint every couple seasons.
  • Wear sunscreen or a large floppy hat. No shame in a sun shirt! We want you to spend all day enjoying your Cowboy Pool with no regrets.
  • Share your space with friends and neighbors, responsibly of course. See how quickly your Cowboy Pool becomes the place to be.
  • Rinse your body & wipe your feet before hopping in the pool. Sweat and dirt can react with the chlorine to cause unwanted bacteria
  • Don't place your Cowboy Pool on a porch or balcony unless you know it can handle 6000-9000+ pounds of weight (depending on size of your pool and weight of swimmers). That’s about two to three times the weight of a mid-sized sedan. Water is HEAVY.
  • Do not use a shock treatment to clean your Cowboy Pool. It is very abrasive and can cause rusting in the steel pools. We recommend cleaning with the sponge or soft brush that comes in your maintenance kit + a mild dish detergent if it looks like it needs a scrub. Use a couple extra chlorine tablets in the floater if the water starts to get cloudy. Also refer to #5 and #10.
  • We do not recommend using rain or well water in your pool because it has a very low PH and is very acidic.


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