Our idea for Cowboy Pools® was born in the pursuit of making our home an oasis. We had a vision to offer an easy, affordable way to cool off in the 6+ months of Texas heat, that would also add to the aesthetic of our outdoor space: a small pool that’s chic, playful and easy to maintain. Cowboy Pools was launched in 2020, the year of the Coronavirus and the mighty global quarantine, though the concept for Cowboy Pools was birthed years before.

We were scheduled to marry in April of 2020, until we were forced to “reschedule”. We decided to put the wedding funds into Cowboy Pools instead; a passion project that would hopefully bring some joy and delight to the good people of Austin and beyond!

We offer 8’, 9’ and 10’ round stock tank pools fully equipped with high-quality filter pumps and all the necessary equipment needed to clean and maintain your Cowboy Pool. We also offer fun add-ons and some of our favorite accessories to maximize your outdoor experience.

Cowboy Pools are ideal for families, couples without kids, singles with friends, or anyone with at least 8’ of yard space who doesn’t want to spend the $20k-$80k+ on a standard pool. All you need is flat ground, access to outdoor electricity and water.


We at Cowboy Pools stand behind many causes. We believe water is life. We believe no human is illegal. We believe love is love. We believe black lives matter (yes, of course all lives matter, that’s not the point). We also believe that we cannot enact change without voting accessibility and fair voting laws. That’s why we are donating $50 per each Cowboy Pool sold, directly to Texas Civil Rights Project to help end racial injustice & voter suppression in Texas. And we believe there’s nothing controversial about that.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit texascivilrightsproject.org.



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