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Cost Analysis (Above-Ground Plunge Pools vs. In-Ground Pools)

When setting up a new pool, cost is a main factor for many families.

Let's break it down:

  • Initial Costs : On average, installing an above-ground plunge pool from Cowboy Pools starts at $1,850, a heck lot lower than the $50,000 or more you might pay for a traditional swimming pool. This price includes the full stock tank pool built with commercial grade pool equipment and maintenance kit.

  • Installation : Cowboy Pools can be set up from start to finish in just a few hours, though it could take at least a few weeks lead time to get your pool delivered. Compare this to months of building an in-ground pool with up to a year or more of a lead time just to get started. This means less labor cost and less time waiting to jump in and enjoy.

If you're intrigued, check out Cowboy Pool Packages to find the perfect fit for your space and budget.

Effortless Installation with Cowboy Pools

One of the reasons many choose Cowboy Pools is the easy installation process and service.

Here's why our customers love the hassle-free setup:

  • Minimal Site Prep : Cowboy Pools above-ground pools require minimal landscaping change. You're good to go if you have a completely flat, level surface in your backyard and access to standard 110v GFCI outlet. Though most people do need to do some leveling work to their yard to prepare for their pool. Additional requirements may depend on add-ons such as heaters & chillers.

  • Quick Setup : Cowboy Pools are ready-to-swim within 2-4 hours of delivery. There is generally no need to permit, to dig or wait for concrete to dry.

Simplified Maintenance for Hassle-Free Upkeep

Let's face it. Pool maintenance is a drag. But maintaining a Cowboy Pool is almost as easy as enjoying one.

  • Accessible Filters : Cowboy Pools are built with cartridge filter pump systems that are easy to use and simple to clean and maintain.

  • Chemical Balance : Small pools mean fewer chemicals. This also means less maintenance costs and time spent cleaning. Just a minimal amount of chlorine to keep things clean should do the trick. One 1" chlorine tablet in a floater per week, supplemented with 1-2 cups of liquid chlorine as needed.

  • Pool Covers : Durable, sleek stock tank pool covers enhance safety, maintain cleanliness, and improve energy efficiency when heating and chilling your pool.


Year-round Fun in Any Climate

Don't limit your pool parties to the summer! Cowboy Pools can be equipped for year-round use.

  • Heating (and Chilling) Systems : Our efficient heating options mean you can enjoy your outdoor space on chilly nights. Perfect for a relaxing evening under the stars or a morning dip. Want to ensure a refreshing dip on even the hottest days? Cowboy Pools combo Heater/Chiller systems also can cool your pool down to 54F!

  • Insulated Covers : Cowboy Pools' high-quality pool covers keep the warmth in, and the debris out. They are great for keeping the temperature consistent, reducing evaporation, and keeping your pool clean.

Shop stock tank pool covers, which fit on most standard stock tank pools, whether a Cowboy Pool or not.

Transform Your Backyard into a Stylish Oasis

Invest in a centerpiece that transforms your backyard into an oasis of leisure and style.

Here are some tips to create a pool area that feels like a true escape:

  • Landscaping : To create a natural, inviting environment, surround your pool with lush plants or stylish decking. Adding elements like stone paths or water features can further elevate the aesthetic.

  • Pool Deck: Build a stylish and functional deck that wraps seamlessly around your plunge pool. Choose durable, slip-resistant materials for safety and longevity, add cozy seating for relaxation, and incorporate ambient lighting to extend your poolside enjoyment into the evening.

  • Furniture : Incorporate comfortable, weather-resistant furniture to encourage lounging and socializing. Think outdoor sofas, sun loungers, or even a hammock for that ultimate relaxation spot.

  • Lighting : Set the mood with strategic lighting. String lights, solar lamps, or even underwater lights can add a magical touch to your evenings by the pool.

Visit  Cowboy Pools Instagram to explore real-life setups and get inspired.

The Cowboy Pools Difference

Choosing a Cowboy Pool means quality, convenience, style, and customizability. You're investing in a lifestyle upgrade that adds value to your home and joy to your daily life.

Ready to start your backyard transformation? Visit Cowboy Pools and see how easy and enjoyable owning a pool can be.



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